We Do the Heavy Lifting

EDOCATE is a self-propelled, automatic pathophysiology, pharmacodynamic, and pharmacokinetic simulation platform.

The Benefit of Unbounded

Disease and Treatment Full Modelling

Smart algorithms direct patient pathophysiology, disease progression, efficacy of medications and their side effects.

A full set of drug pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics, dosing and timing of administration , including their select off-label use.

Delivery Engine

Proprietary modular simulation engine with smart algorithms allows to build cases of various complexity.

Flexible architecture eliminates the need for endless scenarios and pre-determined branch narratives.

Comprehensive Data Reporting & Analytics

Objectively measures and reports outcomes and metrics.

Analyzes practitioner actions to assess learning, knowledge gains, practice gaps and change in competency.

User experience

Available on iOS and Android as well as a web application.

Featuring chunk learning, anytime, anywhere.

Platform Features & Benefits

Actionable Insights

Leverage objective data analytics of learner behavior and patient outcome.

Accessible & Secure

Reach your members through our cross-platform SaaS and cloud-based framework that is both scalable and secure.

Integration Ready

Connect to commercial and organizational databases, including CME/MOC reporting and credit-awarding platforms.

Match your institution’s needs

Available as a white-labeled application, tailored to your customer’s educational requirements.