Chronic Disease Demands Long-term Clinical Decision Making

It’s Time Medical Simulations Did Too

Ideally suited for all educational providers, Edocate’s Virtual Patient Simulation Platform focuses on multi-encounter, chronic patient management: diagnosis, therapy and follow up


Unbounded Simulation

Make any clinical decision and understand the impact of your choices


Receive immediate and personalized feedback

Fast & Effective

Self-directed micro-learning that requires only minutes per session

Objective Outcomes

Measure changes in clinician competency and adherence to guidelines using objective data

Easy Authoring

Eliminating pre-programing of endless scenarios to stay cost effective


Support Practitioners Wherever They Are


Fully accessible via desktop, mobile or app, Edocate provides self-directed learning tools for ongoing training and assessment

Conferences and Events

Engage (virtual) conference participants with real-time, in-session learning and analysis

Training Programs

Complement teaching and assess learning efficacy. Obtain in-depth information on clinician progress and learning gaps.

What Our Participants Say

“It’s time clinicians had a simulation tool like surgeons have.”

Physician from Boston

“Super useful app to learn and improve guideline adherence”

Physician from Denver

“Great satisfaction among program participants.  This app is cool!”

Nurse Practitioner from Tel Aviv
Experience the Unbounded
VPS Platform in Action
Experience the Unbounded
VPS Platform in Action